Product Showdown: Mizani Moisture Stretch Versus DevaCurl Mist-er Right

It pains me to say it, even more say to do it, but I think I may be replacing my Mizani Moisture Stretch with DevaCurl Mist-er Right. Why? Because Mist-er Right is amazing. Since deciding to say no to the creamy crack, Mizani Moisture Stretch has been my go-to product for curl revitalizer. As of now, no more.

I tried the DevaCurl frizz-free foam a couple of months ago and when I went into Ulta and saw the Mist-er Right product on sale, I knew I had to have it. Unlike Mizani, the moisture stretch, it’s not a cream, it’s a spray bottle full of liquid goodness. Basically, two or three days after your initial wash, comb out your hair and spray the product on. What happens? Instant curls. Remember, I have only tried this after initially curling with another DevaCurl product, so that is probably best. It is much lighter than the moisture stretcth, less expensive and for me – I don’t use as much of it.

Be warned though, DevaCurl is not for everyone. If your hair is more kinky, than curly, you may want to steer clear, these products were obviously formulated for all of those with natural curls. Otherwise, they could leave your hair wet and weighed down.  For me, the products are perfect. I will definitely buying the mist-er right again. I also plan to try the DevaCurl MirrorCurls and styling cream.

My favorite hair products --- as of now

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  1. rockhead says:

    What do you mean by hair being more kinky than curly? I have used Mizani Moisture stretch for finger curls which I currently have on and I liked the product. I’m interested in getting a cheaper product though. Is this Deva Curl for looser curl textures rather than tighter ones? Mine are the tight ones.

    1. cutiepiepink says:

      Hi! When I say hair being more kinky than curly, I mean it has less of a defined curl pattern. So getting into the 4b or 4c range, with hair having less of a defined curl and a tighter curl. I think the Deva Curl frizz free foam works better on curly hair. I know others have tried it and not liked it. However, I do know people who have tighter curls and use the DevaCurl Set It Free and Heaven In Hair and love it. Honestly, I have yet to find anything cheaper than Mizani that I like as much. Have you tried Cantu twist and lock gel? Thanks for reading!

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