Do You Co-Wash? Maybe you should start

Do you co-wash your hair? First off, let’s establish what co-washing is. It is basically washing your hair with conditioner and no shampoo. What does it do? It relieves your hair from the stresses of washing it with shampoo, which for many strips hair of natural oils and dries it out. 

I have been co-washing since before I knew there was a name for it. It is my belief that most naturals wash their hair too often. I usually wash mine once a week, if that. If I must do it more than that I co-wash, using CIBU Spring Roll Hydrating Conditioner. The result is hair that comes out shinier than regular shampooing. I do not use the same conditioner I use when regularly shampooing to co-wash. A former stylist of mine introduced me to the CIBU conditioner, and I’ve got to say it is a great product. 

I’ve read about those with relaxed hair doing it also, but honestly, I doubt it is necessary for them. The exception is if you frequent the gym or swim and therefore have to wash between salon visits. 

So tell me! Do you co-wash? 

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