Mixed Chicks: Now at a Target Near You

Mixed Chicks has wised up and put its product line in Target now. Sure, true devotees were willing to order online and receive a few days later, but really? How efficient is that when competitors like Miss Jessie’s, Jane Carter, Shea Moisture, AND Twisted Sister are all sold in Target?

For now Mixed Chicks products are only available in select Target stores. I’m sad to say it is not available in Fairfax, VA, where I live. But it is in other parts of Northern Virginia. So maybe it is on its way to me?

Click here for a list of locations where Mixed Chicks is available. Want to try out the system for the first time? The leave-in conditioner is the best for curly hair. The deep conditioner is nice too. You can try the shampoo, but I probably will not buy again, whereas the leave-in is a stable for me.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandra h. says:

    Mixed Chinks kids product is Abdul at Target and some Rite Aids. Stuff is great!

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