Salon Review: INARI Salon & Spa

Two weeks ago my regular stylist was running late. Rather than letting any of the other stylists at my salon take on the task of doing my hair I called a salon about a block away.

I’d passed INARI Salon & Spa millions of times, noticing that it employs one black stylist. Taking me on short notice, Gary told me he does not do roller sets (too fancy for the K Street crowd I guess), but I really had no choice. So after a nice shampoo and condition from a salon assistant I waited a brief amount of time for him to finish another client. Then he proceeded to curl my hair with a curling iron. The whole appointment only took about an hour and a half.

I give Gary credit. Many a stylist has freaked out after washing my hair and realizing how thick and curly it is. Yes, my hair intimidates the poor stylists. Then after much sweat and work I am left with a bouffant hair do. After leaving Inari my hair was soft and stayed curled for about two days. When I finally combed the curls out it just fell flat. That is what happens when you curl hair with a curling iron and do not roller set it. I’m old school like that.

Overall, I give INARI an “A.” One, the salon worked me in about 20 minutes after I called with a hair emergency. Two, the salon is professional looking and calming. It also offers spa services. I would definitely go back for spa services. As for hair, I’d go back if I had another situation where I was in a pinch. The salon also specializes in brazilian blowouts.

INARI Salon & Spa at 1425 K St. NW in Washington, DC

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