Salon Review: African Queen Hair Braiding in Alexandria, VA

I am catching up on my salon reviews. For my birthday in January I decided to try African Queen Hair Braiding in Alexandria, VA. I have been looking for a good place to go for braiding and twists that is not in Maryland. First off, the location of African Queen is ideal and it was fairly easy to find. It is located right on Duke St. across from a well-known shopping center. The only thing that is confusing about the location is that it is in what looks like an apartment building. However, when you go in you find there are businesses on the lower level and that is where African Queen is located. It is a small space and in no way upscale.

I got fishtail braids, or Goddess braids (basically an inverted cornrow) done on my natural hair and was literally in and out. The stylist that took care of me was efficient, quick, and very nice. I washed my hair and blew it out before I went so my time in the chair was short. Here is the result of her work.

While there, I also saw the stylists working on microbraids, full weaves, trims, and twists. They also supposedly do relaxers, etc., but no one was partaking in any of that when I went.

I will definitely go back to African Queen again. If they can do the twists I want, the shop will become my go-to place for my protective styling needs. I recommend it to anyone that values not spending all day in the hair salon and a staff that is friendly and skilled. But beware, this place only takes cash. So be prepared and bring it with you, I’d also recommend asking for a price range for services when scheduling the appointment so that you will know how much cash to bring since credit cards are not accepted.

Other suggestions? If you have children, leave them at home. This is a small place and even though there are seats to sit and wait, they are basically on the styling floor and there is really no room for extra people. As always, be able to explain exactly what you want. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that between the six or eight stylist employed here, they can probably do just about anything, but to get exactly what you want you should always bring a picture. This is true of any style, natural or not. Last but not least, if you are getting hair added know how much you will need to bring. On my visit there was another client there that had not brought enough of her own but seemed hesitant to use the hair the salon carried. I never understand people who do this. It is always better to buy too much. Most places will allow you to return it unopened and you can always use any extra for future salon visits.

Learn more by watching the promotional video for African Queen Hair Braiding:


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