What I’m Listening to Right Now

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is Friday night and I’m sitting at home alone. Once again. Let’s just ignore the fact that I may or may not have dappled into my wine cellar (which is actually a three-bottle wine holder sitting in a corner in my apartment).

But anyway, I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and this is what I’ve got spinning on repeat lately

  1. Lauryn Hill/Bob Marley, Turn Your Lights Down Low. This has always been one of my favorite songs, but since hearing her spit the verse and sing the chorus live in February, I keep coming back to it. Plus, as spring settles in and the promise of summer awaits, who can help but think about giving and getting some “good good lovin” 
  2. Elle Varner, Refill. I am basically dying of anticipation for her album. This is the second single and it balances innocence and sexy so well. Don’t even get me started on the fierceness of her hair and overall style. Basically, Elle will have everyone asking for a refill an octave higher than they should before long. Because let’s be honest, at some point all of us feels like the girl at the bar that’s been there too long, can’t stand up!
  3.  Goapele, Tears On My Pillow. She’s underrated, she’s beautiful, I love her. This song has a retro vibe and truly shows a growth from her previous songs. The perfect breakup song. 
  4. Emile Sande, Next to Me. I’ve had this song in heavy rotation for a while, but in case you have heard her I will make introductions. America, Emile Sande. Emile Sande, America. 

Ugh yeah, I’m in a mood.

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