Soften Your Hair With Some R&B

If you don’t already love Lush, prepare to become a fan.

Lush is a store found in many malls. It sells products many organic products and most items come in black containers with a sticker on it portraying the person that made it in some far off country. Also making products at this store different are that they are so fresh they have an expiration date.

I’d used sugar scrubs from Lush before, but now I will be heading back there for its product “R&B.” The company calls this a “hair finisher.” I was hesitant to buy the product, not really knowing what to expect, but turns out my hesitation was in vain. I have had the R&B for about two months and finally used it today.

Yesterday I washed my hair and let it air dry after putting Mixed Chicks Leave-In on it. Later in the day before going out to a friend’s birthday party, I decided to try the R&B to add some shine. It made my hair look hella good and it felt sooo good. I normally don’t have a problem with moisture or softness anyway, but this made my hair even softer. Today I woke up and used it again. My hair continues to look shiny and the product’s claim that it combats frizz are true.

I almost let the price deter me from trying it — $21 for 3.5 ounces, ouch. But believe me, it is worth it. You do not need to use a lot, so I am expecting the small pot to last me for a while. Also, do not be deterred by the initial smell. In my opinion, it smells like a salon. But on the hair, I can’t smell it.

Don’t live near a Lush retail store? Get your  Lush R&B here. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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