Kiddie Land: The Best Products For Kids

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t have any kids. But I’m talented. I can look at your child’s hair and tell you exactly what to do for it and what products to use. What can I say? It’s a gift. 

There is a quiet debate raging over how young is too young for relaxers. I got my first relaxer around age 12, as I was entering middle school. I’ve gotta say, it was a beautiful thing. I had started getting my hair pressed in the fifth grade. Pressing the hair exposed me to a whole new me. My hair was long, shiny, and the constant fuzz halo that plagues many a young, African-American child? Gone! Relaxers made my hair maintenance even more smooth sailing.  I did not even consider living without them again until I was 25. I mean, I only got one or two a year anyway.

But I look back at pictures of my hair when I was a kid and now, I want that old thing back. That old thing being my long, thick hair. Our mothers and grandmothers probably broke every natural hair care rule in the book, but it can’t be denied, for most our childhood hair was our hair at our best. So I say no-no to conventional natural hair care wisdom for myself and for kids. I say go ahead, brush that hair. Grease that scalp. And yes, get out the Luster’s Pink Lotion.

Here are some tried and true, as well as fairly new, products for little princesses.

Tried and True:

  • Luster’s Pink Original Hair Lotion: For most of my life, this pink lotion was really the only hair product I used. It is so embedded in the black community, that upon smelling my hair for the first time, my first boyfriend in high school proclaimed that I smelled good…followed by proclamation that my hair smelled like his mom’s. I know plenty of people who use this on little boys, as well as their girls. It is a grease, without really being a grease. It gives hold, shine, and hydrated the hair. In conclusion, it makes thick hair like mine more manageable to work with.
  • Just for Me Oil Moisturizing Lotion: Just for Me was popular back in my childhood days before all of the new lines such as Carol’s Daughter and Mixed Chicks came out. I tried this product recently when I couldn’t find Luster’s pink lotion and honestly, the formula seems to be pretty much the same. This “lotion” is slightly less greasy than the Luster’s pink lotion, which will appeal to some moms, especially those with daughters that have courser hair. Try it out.
  • JOHNSON’S NATURAL Kids 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash: This is a new spin on Johnson’s baby shampoo. This version is still mild, but also paraban free and hypoallergenic.

Fairly New:

  • Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner for Kids: Okay, so I do just love the Mixed Chicks leave-in. I was thrilled to learn that the kids’ version works just as well for the wee ones as the regular version does for adults. My friend tried it on her daughter and loved it. Her child is indeed a “mixed chick” that is half Filipino and half black. The Mixed Chicks products defined her curls and made them last all day. The 8 ounce bottle is $13.00, but a quad-pack of the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and tangle tamer, can be purchased for $48.
  • Ouidad KRLY Kids Pump & Go(spray gel): Try this if you’re looking to eliminate frizz. It should work on all hair types.

Now that I’ve got a kids’ post done, stay tuned for a much asked-about post for men.

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