My Obsession With Murray’s Hair Pomade

This post may look familiar and rightfully so. My blog address was originally But something went wrong with that and my access was cut off. So I had to change the name to I have decided to periodically move some of the posts from my old site, to this one.  Today I am starting with this post about my love of Murray’s hair pomade.

One day when I was in high school I decided to swipe my nephew’s canister of Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. It was among the best decisions I made during my teen years. This decision was made much to mother’s dissatisfaction, as she believed it was too heavy for my hair.

It’s look is unmistakable. The orange canister, whose top features the image of a man and woman sporting perfectly coiffed afro, contains a hard yellow pomade. The ingredients? Only three are listed on the packaging and those are petrolatum, mineral oil, and fragrance.

Naturalistas will be most interested in using Murray’s to smooth edges and for braid and twist outs, as well as braid and twist maintenance. I mostly use it on my 3c hair to smooth the edges and to maintain flat twists when I have them. I’ve also used it to just rub on hair for shine though.

If you have the same worry as my mother, put it behind you. I’ll admit that the pomade is densely packed and relatively hard when first taken out of the canister, but I am here to tell you how to use it.

First, take the end of a comb or brush, or be old school and use your fingers, to scoop out a dollop of pomade. Once in the palm of your hand, rub your palm together until the dollop becomes softer and more easily to work with. Then, smooth over edges and style as desired.

If you’re using for a braid out or twist out, divide hair into sections as desired and put a generous amount on each section. Use the pomade to form ends of twists or braids, so that they are not straight.

To use in maintenance of flat twists, just rub a small amount as needed directly on the twist. It should be rubbed in same direction in which the hair was twisted. This keeps the twist intact.

To me, Murray’s is proof that sometimes old school is the best way to go. It is a timeless product, much like Luster’s Pink Lotion. It has been a stable in black homes for centuries and its versatility makes it a must have. Plus, at under $3.00, it is hard to resist. Murray’s also makes several conditioner with olive oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil, as well as having a “Murray’s with Beeswax” line. Check out all of the products here. Most are sold at Sally’s and the orange canister can be found in any drugstore, Wal-Mart, or Target.

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