The Top 5 Reasons I Can See Product In Your Hair

On my way to work this morning, I looked over and sitting on the metro across from me was a beautiful lady with beautiful hair.  Her only problem was the large patch of white goo clinging to one side of her head. I see it all the time and you probably do too. Product just sitting on hair or product that has dried and flaked. Here are my top five reasons why this may be happening to your or someone you know, and how to fix the issue.

  1. Your hair is not wet enough when applying the product. When applying a leave-in your hair needs to be damp. I like for mine to be more than damp, but of course not dripping wet. My advice is that you use a special absorbent hair towel, but do not leave it on for a long time before applying the leave-in, otherwise it will just sit on top of the hair.
  2. You are using too much product. This is probably the most common culprit. When you apply product excessively and your hair does not absorb it, it has nowhere to go but on top or to break and flake.  Work product through your hair. Many women have a tendency to just put a bunch of it on the surface, but nope, you need to work it through your whole head of hair. If you have to use a comb to work it through, so be it. The more evenly you distribute product, the less chance you have of walking out the door and seeing the dreaded white or wet-looking patches.
  3. You’ve done a bad job detangling. Tangled, matted curls are harder to work product through.
  4. You are using the wrong product. Getting down to it, no product should form clumps of white little white balls or patches of white flakes in your hair. If yours is though, it may have to do with your choice of products. If you’re a truly kinky girl, but are using products made for curly or wavy hair, they are probably going to provide the wrong kind of moisture for you and leave a wet spot that will dry into flakes or product build-up.  This also happens with hair that is very porous. If you have porous or kinky hair stick with leave-ins, sprays, and creams and custards. If you have curly or kinky-curly hair, try hair milks, gels, and butters.
  5. You aren’t following the directions on the product. If you are using a product for wet hair on dry hair, you should understand where the problem lies.


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