I’m Saying ‘Yes’ To Cucumbers

By now you have probably seen these products called Yes to Cucumbers, or Yes to Carrots. or Yes to Blueberries. You’re also free to say Yes to Tomatoes if you wish.

What’s the deal with these products? They’re made with fresh fruits and veggies, affordable, and work. The carrots line is for normal to dry skin and hair; blueberries line is for mature skin; the tomatoes line is for combination skin or those suffering from acne; and the cucumber line is for sensitive skin and color-treated hair.

I first saw the cucumber facial towelettes in January. My friends and I were in Ulta and decided to try them out because we thought the packaging was so cute. Beauty is only skin deep though and I’m glad to report that they are amazing. I’ve tried lots of towelettes to remove make  up and these are by far the best. They leave the skin feeling refreshed and clean. Best of all, cleaning power is not forsaken in the name of being organic. These ar organic and work.

Today I tried the cucumbers calming facial mask for the first time. Glad to report that it too felt good. My face looks and feels freshly scrubbed even at nearly 7 p.m.

Click here to check out the product line and visit Wal-Mart and Ulta to pick some up.

I definitely say YES!!! to these cucumbers.

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