Summer Hair Plans: How I Plan to Beat the Heat

With temperatures supposedly hitting 90 this week, I’m already planning summertime hair moves to help me beat the heat. Humidity is my hair’s worse enemy, so during the summer I either keep it in a bun or wash and wear it. This summer I have a lot going on though, so want styles that require little to no maintenance and last for a while. Instead of my usual flat twists, I really want box braids. Yes, that is right: box braids.  You may call them individual braids. I’ve been lusting over them for a while and have finally decided I can’t go all summer living without them.

First off box braids are a throwback to my childhood, think Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice or Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. The box braids of today are less chunky though and give off a boho vibe as opposed to screaming around-the-way girl. Oh, I tried them once back then on my natural hair with none added, but this time, I will be adding hair.

I credit Solange with bringing them back. She was spotted rocking them last year and since then they’ve been popping up everywhere. Best of all, they should last for about three months. I’ll probably get them sometime in June.

Solange rocking extremely long box braids.

I don’t want long box braids though. I want them shorter and chunkier, sort of like the picture below.  So what do you think? Would you try it or are you just leaving it to me?

Chunky box braids. I love them so.

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  1. Ann says:

    You have the face to rock whatever you like! Cannot wait to see it!

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