Definition Test: DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam vs. Mixed Chicks Leave-In

Curl definition is what all curly-haired girls like myself are searching for. Up until now, my go-to product for curl definition has been Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner.

When I first tried Mixed Chicks the shampoo was nothing special to me, but the leave-in gave me definition like never before. I told everyone and never turned back. It made my hair into perfect ringlets and I didn’t have to use any separate product, such as a shine serum, with it.

The one issue I have with the Mixed Chicks leave-in is that it is definitely a “first-day” product. It gives you basically no second-day hair.

So, I decided to give DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam a try today. DevaCurl is a complete hair care system for women with curly hair. It gets rave reviews, especially the frizz-free volumizing foam.

This alcohol-free foam claims to add volume, retain curls, and bring shine to your hair. For the most part, it looks like any other mousse, but there are some noticeable differences. It is not as dense as other mousse and much more wet.

This product should be used on damp hair. To use, apply to hair by scrunching upward toward the scalp, holding, and releasing. The glowing reviews of this most often point to its ability to define curls. Some also say it gives them great second-day hair.

Well, this is my first day using its, so I’ll update you on its magical powers for second-day hair tomorrow.

First off, it did define curls, but no better than the Mixed Chicks leave-in. The biggest difference I see is the finish. The Mixed Chicks leave-in leaves curls harder and crunchier, making it hard to comb out, while the curls the foam defined are much softer. The DevaCurl foam also seems to stretch the curls out more.

So am I converted? Both products are pricey. Though at $24.95, DevaCurl takes the award for most expensive.  As of now, I’ll use the bottles of both that I have. Honestly, I’d buy both again. The Mixed Chicks leave-in is probably better for the coarser hair set, while the DevaCurl foam works for more wavy and curly hair, rather than kinky.

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