Is Your Curly Do Aging You?

The Internet is abuzz today with chatter about Halle Berry’s new curly hair style and extensions. We’ve seen Halle curly before. She’s rocked everything from long curls (think of her in the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God) to straw sets, and worn them well.

But I’ve got to say, this is not a flattering hair style. I know it is near impossible to call anything unflattering to Halle – I mean with a face like that, how could anything not work? But this does not work. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What’s even worse, is this is a weave looking like this.

Yeah, not so much.

Whether you are natural or relaxed your hair still needs to flatter your face, a huge fact that a lot of people seem to forget. This is also true of curly weaves. This may be hard if you are transitioning, but it is possible to succeed at this. The biggest gripe from fans of Berry is that the style ages her, and I’d have to agree. Here are some tips on how to make sure your natural hair do is not adding years on to your face.

First, LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS. You want that bulk taken out, so have your stylist cut layers into your natural hair. It will give your hair shape and movement and make styling easier. Believe me, it will work.

Second, frame your face. If you have a more angular face or want to soften your features, choose a style and cut that properly frame your face. It makes a world of difference. This may mean wearing bangs, not wearing bangs, having some shorter or longer layers around the face, or playing with curl texture.

Third, don’t be a slave to trends. Everything isn’t for everyone. Period. Therefore if you know you don’t look good in Bantu knots, don’t trade in your stellar curly afro for them just for the sake of being trendy.

Do you and you’ll be fine.

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