How Will You Transition?

Transition: movement, passage, or change from one position, state,stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change

Change is good and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I’d like some change actually. A decent date maybe. A boost to my career. A massive amount of money. But that’s neither her nor there. This is about changes to your hair.

Transition, in any aspect of life, can be, in a word, frustrating. It is no different with hair. Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair causes some women to change their whole lifestyle, others to embrace their whole being, and yet others to cry, throw on a baseball cap and run to the salon for a relaxer. Like all transitions, you’ll get through it if you persevere.

First, you have to decide that you are really ready to make the change. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t feel the natural hair fits your personal style or lifestyle, don’t do it. Regardless of what friends tell you, natural hair is officially trendy. Don’t go natural to simply embrace a trend.

Second, decide what is the best way for you to transition. You have options, and lots of them actually. Consult with your stylist. If your stylist does not dabble in natural hair, find one that does and schedule an appointment with him or her. So what are your options? Some choose to grow their hair out, while others choose to big chop. I personally, did not big chop. For some, the damage that relaxers and heat styling have caused makes it necessary though. Another way to get through the transitioning period is to go with a weave or protective styling. I have a good friend who transitioned via the weave route. First, it must be established that her weave was long, luxurious, and all around wonderful. When she finally removed it, BAM!, her natural hair was underneath.

Lots of women choose protective styling, often opting for adding hair for microbraids, tree braids, or kinky twists.

Here are some of my own tips for transitioning:

* Find a great conditioner. Conditioner does not have to be expensive, but when I first started wearing my hair curly all the time, mine was. I used Mixed Chicks detangling deep conditioner. Now I use Loreal Everpure moisture conditioner. To deep condition I use Moroccan argan oil intensive moisture treatment.

* Don’t be afraid to experiment. Wonder how you would look with individual braids? Try it. Want to not worry about your hair for a few days and throw it in a bun? Go ahead. Do what works for you.

* Don’t spend a fortune. Yes, it is tempting to spend just as much a you did for salon visits on expensive product lines like Miss Jessie’s, Mixed Chicks, and Ojon, but don’t do it! If you want to try different products, buy sample and travel sizes.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rose says:

    Lol, you know that was me running to get a perm:) I have not given up the natural process. Its just on hold for a little whole longer. Loving your hair its georgous.

    1. cutiepiepink says:

      Thanks! And nothing wrong with giving up! Everything ain’t for everybody. But yep, you can start again anytime!

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