Product Review: Dove Style + Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse

Let’s talk about mousse. When I started periodically wearing my hair curly way back when in middle school, mousse was the only product I used in it. No diffusing, no leave-in conditioner, I just washed or wet my hair, put mousse in it, and let it air dry. That’s it. My go-to was John Frieda frizz-ease. I decided that since this weekend marks the beginning of summer, I’d wash and go the old way, with mousse. But the John Frieda that I had was about three years old, so off to Wal-Mart I went.

I had seen an ad for a new line of Dove products, so decided to get the Style + Care mousse, as well as the frizz-free shine cream serum. I’ve got to say that after just one use, I kind of love both.

These two have me ready for summer!

After setting out in the sun all day, sweating like crazy, my curls were frizz-free, well-defined, and bouncy. The mousse leaves hair less crunchy than some, which most will probably appreciate. In fact, it did not leave my hair crunchy at all. Another bonus? The dispenser is truly unique. No more mousse coming out too fast and getting on clothes! The product is nice! Dare I say innovative? Dove also has a whipped cream mousse in this line, so be sure to read carefully when purchasing.

Curl definition.

The cream serum worked just as well. I put it on my wet hair after applying the mousse. However, I’ll also be applying it to dry hair on hot days. In the hand, it feels very much like a much more expensive serum. These two products are officially added to my hair basket. Yes, I keep all of my products in a basket.

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