Is Curly Weave Messing With Your Mind?

Here’s something you should remember. Your natural hair is probably never going to look like Kelly Rowland’s curly weave. Heck, let’s face it your relaxed hair was never going to look like her straight weave either.

But has the art of the weave filled us with unrealistic expectations when it comes to our hair? Let’s be real for a minute. If your hair is kinky, you can braid it out, twist it out, stretch it as much as you want, but you are not going to wake up one day with luscious curls. The greater question is why do you want that?

Isn’t the natural hair movement all about embracing your natural beauty? So why all the work getting your natural hair to look different? I believe a lot of it goes back to our continued obsession with length. And then, though no one in the natural movement wants to say it out loud, there is the problem of curly haired divas we admire.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Corinne Bailey Rae. Alicia Keys. Thandie Newton. Solange.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I am. With the exception of Solange, all of the above are of mixed heritage, light-skinned, and for all intents and purposes have a fairly noticeable curl pattern. I know, what you’re saying! Aren’t we all mixed up? But those women have parents of different races. For instance, Alicia Keys has a white mother and black father. It would be wrong to stereotype and say that ALL people of mixed race have a certain type of hair, because they do not. But if you’re a kinky-haired girl these are not the natural hair role models for you. Trying to get hair like theirs will leave you frustrated and broke.

Then there is Solange. For some, the face of natural hair. What most women admire about Solange is the amount of hair she has. I’m here to tell you, everyone in Hollywood rocks pieces and falls for fullness and length, and Solange is no different with her natural do. Yes, she is natural underneath, but I’m thinking that most of us would be surprised to see exactly what it looks like when she takes the pieces out.

Rarely do we see darker skinned African-American women on tv or in magazines rocking their naturals. Yes, we see them in dreds and braids and other protective styles. But I want to see them with their hair out! See that exclamation point? I want to see black women that actually look black with their natural hair out! Let me see it! Let us see it!

This is why the world went crazy when Viola Davis wore her TWA to the Oscars this year. Had you seen that before? No. Now, who else is willing to do it?

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