Be Adventurous and Rock a Blow Out

Do you know what style I love, but don’t wear nearly enough? A blow out. Not a blow out from the salon where my hair is made all swingy and shiny. Nope, a blow out where I simply use the comb attachment on my blow dryer to blow my natural hair out. You can blow your hair out wet or dry. When I do it to wet hair, the end result is much more shrunken than when I do it to dry hair.

As I said before, I use a comb blow dryer attachment, you could use a barrel brush and hair dryer if you prefer though.

The key to wearing your hair blow out is to take the time to thoroughly blow the hair out and using the right products to maintain moisture and replace any moisture and shine that is lost.

As usual when using heat, I use Carol’s Daughter Macadamia heat protection serum. After the hair is all blown out I usually part it and then apply something for shine, usually Carol’s Daughter Tui moisturizing oil or Frederic Fekkai brilliant glossing cream. Looking for more affordable options? Try aloe vera gel.

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