Dare to Wear Your Hair Down

Protective styling. Some people love it for its simplicity. Some people need it to protect fragile ends. However, don’t get caught up in the cycle of only wearing protective styles. It is easy to do. Every time I get flat twists or fish tails and don’t have to do anything to my hair for a week or two, I think, “This is amazing!”

But I love my curls, and the time I save doing it every day isn’t ever enough to make me turn to protective styling for more than two weeks ago. I know naturals who seem to spend their life in protective styles.

I feel though that you stopped relaxing for a reason, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to hide your hair. So what are some alternatives to protective styling?

My go-to these days is the top knot. You can take it down each night, which allows for versatility. And with a top knot or any other variation of the bun, your ends are also not out and about, they remain protected.

Another idea, plait your hair. On weekends, this is definitely a possibility. Aren’t pig tails and the one braid down your back the original practice style? Just give it a more mature look by skipping the hair beret, adding a hair pin or two, an choosing a looser braid.

Take a note from Selita Ebanks.  If your hair isn’t that long, try palm rolling yourself.

Selita Ebanks with a side braid

Another option? Cover it all up and try a scarf and up do.

Showcase your hair. Don’t be afraid of it and keep it in protective styles ALL the time. You may think you are only doing it because you want to protect your hair, but really maybe you’re not as in love with your natural hair as you thought. Let it all hang down, get acquainted with it, love it!

Plus, your hair actually needs breaks from protective styling. Braiding or twisting too tight can cause breakage and too much tension on the scalp. Keeping protective styles in too long also has its own set of consequences such as breakage and buildup of products and even bacteria if the style is not cared for properly. Even protective styles need TLC and don’t forget it.

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