Finally! Braids Done

So my braids are done! It took about 6 packages of hair and five and a half hours, but I got the braids I wanted. I’ve got to admit I am pleasantly surprised at how precise and quickly the stylist work. And best of all it did not hurt.

Here are the results.

I got them done at a salon in Gaithersburg, MD, called Planet Hair. You can check out the salon’s website here.  It was a very nice experience. Complimentary coffee, water, and cookies. Plus the owner, who was very nice, came over to help with trimming my braids. Best of all, I didn’t see anyone waiting. They didn’t seem to double book, and this was a Saturday. While there I also saw stylists doing roller sets, color, blowouts, and natural hair. All customers seemed satisfied. And the blowouts and roller sets looked especially good to me. They specialize in natural hair.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ann says:

    I got to see you in person today and you look absolutely beautiful. If I were youger, I would definitely give it a try!!! I love your adventurous nature!

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