Box Braids: Entering Week Three

I got my box braids put in on June 24, now two weeks in I can still say I like them. Just in the two weeks they have endured a lot. High temperatures and humidity, a round of minirature golf, and countless people inquiring about them and asking to touch.

So how am I maintaining them? I spritz them with African Royale BRX Braid & Extension Sheen Spray about every other day and sleep in a braid bonnet every night. I have not washed them yet, though I did recently purchase some dry shampoo to try out.

Hair bonnet. The braids are free to hang down in this. After the first night of awkwardness, you will find it easy to sleep in.

I have noticed that my real hair is beginning to come out of some of the braids, but chalk it up to my hair being soft and easily escaping the braid. Even so, the braids are still in great shape. They are definitely hot and hard to put up, so if you don’t like lots of hair swinging down and want to easily put up your braids, go for micros instead.

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