Product Review: Organix Acai Berry Avocado Shampoo

While I do not consider myself a product junkie, I do consider myself a shampoo junkie. I am a fan of rotating shampoos, so headed to Walgreens over the weekend to try something new. I decided to try another product from the Organix line. I’ve already reviewed their moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment.

First off, let’s make sure you understand the Organix line of products. The brand is broken down into different product lines. The product lines are color coded and each claims to take care of a specific hair need. For example, the moroccan argan oil products are “renewing.”

This time I decided to try the “nutritional” acai berry avocado shampoo. According to its prominent labeling, the shampoo contains acai berry extract and guava to “nourish and enrich” hair, avocado proteins to add nutrition and balance, and Moroccan argan oil to moisturize and “create a shiny, smooth, frizz-free finish.”

Pros of the shampoo are that it smells really good! If you like to smell berries while washing your hair, this is for you. Another pro is that it seems to be living up to its claim of a frizz-free finish, which is a true fete in this hot weather.

The biggest downside for me was that it took a lot of shampoo for me to build up the lather I wanted. I like a lot of suds and I have a lot of hair, so I need a quality shampoo that is going to work into a lather without me using the entire bottle. I did not use the entire bottle of this, but you get the idea.

I know others who have had love/hate relationships with the Organix brand, but for the price I think they are pretty good products. The Moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment has a permanent place in my hair arsenal. The acai berry shampoo is in my rotation for now and I’d recommend it for those seeking frizz control. For those wanting intense cleaning, go elsewhere. I will continue to explore the Organix lines though, and so should you. At $7 you can’t go wrong.



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  1. Rocki says:

    the reason it doesn’t lather is because it’s sulfate free.

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