Good Food, Fellowship, and Hair Say

On Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting 18 lovely ladies, the youngest being only months old and the oldest being, well, timeless at Hair’s Say’s first ever event. There was a lot going on this past weekend and a constant drizzle, but that could not ruin our time.

Strawberry cupcakes!

With Hair Say I hope to achieve a running dialogue between women in all walks of life. Career-minded women, stay-at-home moms, singles, those who are married, young, old, black, brown, yellow, tan, whatever. Anyone who likes looking good and has something to say about it. Anyone who finds something that works, or doesn’t work for them, and wants to share.

When organizing the first event, I wanted to focus on two things – sisterhood and open conversation. I think I got both. My guests came ready to discuss their hair needs, hang-ups, and how they feel about how the world feels about their hair. We were also graced with the presence and knowledge of Alena Mathis, who has been features on Hair Say before. There were giveaways of some of my favorite products, some of which I’ve reviewed here on the blog.

I truly look forward to hosting more events like this and attending larger events in the DMV and beyond. And a big shout out to Sweettastic Leona for the cupcakes!

Lovely ladies and babies.

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