Carol’s Daughter Works Magic for Tiny Tots

Today my local Carol’s Daughter store held an informative workshop about children’s hair. Stand-alone Carol’s Daughter stores are not abundant, but they do offer many educational and fun events. The one closest to where I live in Northern Virginia is at Pentagon City mall in Arlington.

When I got notice of the event I told my friend and she immediately said she wanted to take her daughter. During the event a Carol’s Daughter employee got history of my friend’s two-year-old daughter’s hair and then proceeded to demonstrate how to use some of the products. On this child’s head she used the Mimosa hair honey (a pomade), Marguerite’s Magic ( a hair cream), and the black vanilla moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

I haven’t tried any of the above, but the Marguerite’s Magic helped make some cute two-strand twists on my buddy Laila. Just in the short time we were in the store, the hair appeared softer and shine was added. It seems like a good product to try if you are looking to add moisture and shine. I’ll have to follow-up with those who purchased it and get the full scoop on it.

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