Natural Hair Roundup: Who’s Coming Out Now?

There has been a lot of talk about “coming out” over the past few weeks. Fast food restaurants are coming out in support of marriage between a woman and a man. Gays are coming out against that stance. And even in all that, celebs are coming out as “natural.”

My feeling on both issues is in a nutshell “Nothing to see, move it along.” But I will pontificate on the happenings in the natural hair world.

Yesterday, the cover of the September issue of “O: The Oprah Magazine” was revealed. As usual, Ms. O graces the cover herself, but this time she is rocking a textured afro.

Check out the cover HERE at Jezebel.

Let the debate begin. Yes, that debate. The debate of whether or not that is ALL her hair. The question crops up again and again as more and more celebrities join the natural hair movement. I’m no celeb, and I’m often questioned whether this is all my hair. It is by the way.

But for all those saying just to question celebs is some serious hateration, let me break it down for you. Most celebrities – singer, actors, tv personalities – wear fake hair of some sort. This rule applies regardless of race, color, or age. You’d be naive to think that Taylor Swift is not helped out by falls and hair pieces just as often as Beyonce. The same applies to those sporting natural kinks and curls. Hair is often added for fullness and length, especially during photo shoots and performances.

So do I believe that is Oprah’s hair? Yes, I believe some of it is. Do I believe that is her hair texture? I believe that with the proper stylists, products, and care that’s her texture. We’ve long known that Oprah was “natural” and pressed her hair often, instead of relaxing it. And it’s always looked pretty thick.

So onto the next, a day after Oprah, Wendy Williams tweeted that under her weave and wigs, her hair is natural and she’s never had a relaxer. Wendy doesn’t strike me as the kind of lady that’s never had a relaxer, but if she says it, I’ll go with it. I totally believe she is natural under the weave though.

So this again brings up the question of where being/going “natural” begins and ends. Both women are natural, but are they proud? As of now, I’m saying Oprah, yes. Wendy, no. If you’re natural, let me see your hair. It is sick of being all cooped up and wants to come out and play. And oh yeah, it wants (and needs) to breathe!

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