Why Awkward Black Girl is Anything But Awkward

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you may have heard about a little web show called “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” Well, I’ll take that back. Unless you are indeed an awkward black girl living under a rock, you have heard of it. There is nothing like it on tv or in movie theaters, so creator and star Issa Raye had to turn to the web, namely Youtube, to get her very funny message about being a black woman out.

First, let’s look at Rae. She definitely doesn’t fit the Hollywood description of star with her real-woman figure, TWA, and chocolate-brown skin. She’s one smart cookie though and you’d do well to familiarize yourself with this woman.

Issa Rae

Second, the show’s premise is just amazing and we soon realize that Issa’s character, J, is awkward, but she’s also living in a world not made for the average brown girl. Raye really deals with anything and everything. From anger issues at work to crazy bosses to dating to white boys. I don’t know about you, but I’ve dealt with all of the above too. And believe me, it’s been awkward to say the least.

Why just last Saturday I had an awkward black girl moment when I decided to take it upon myself to  move a relationship to the next level. Umm, yeah … it was pretty much a no-go.

So am I awkward? Damn right I am. Crazy date night situations that end with my friends in tears laughing when I relay the story to them? Check. Crazy white boy experience? Check. Listening to rap music to get my frustrations out? Check. Talking to my fly self in the mirror before homey comes over or before going out? Double check. Crazy holiday party experience for the job? Oh yeah.

Awkward Black Girl is genius, and more real than awkward at this point, which makes it great. To know that there are other black girls out there navigating the world is refreshing when Raye tackles it, as opposed to sad when the mainstream media and Anderson Cooper decide to take it on. J’s attitude is never really “woe is me.” Nope, instead it is one of “Ain’t this some shit?” Well, ain’t it? At 28, I can say, it most certainly is. So thanks Issa Rae for intelligently introducing today’s black woman to the world with no apologies.

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