Hair Mishaps!

Last night I graced the Howard Theater with my presence when I went to see Jon B. and Jagged Edge. Yeah, remember them? Here is how I was hoping my hair preparation for the evening would go down. I planned to wash my hair, straighten it – leaving it just a tad damp, and then setting it with hot rollers and Carol’s Daughter Macadamia setting foam. I have done this before. But we already know that when you want your curls to act right, it just doesn’t happen. It was my fault this time. I took the hot rollers out before my hair was completely dry. The curls were defined, but still not dry. So I had the bright idea to then take my blow dryer and just dry them a little more. Big mistake. Then, I decided to put more product in. So I put some dove mousse in. Then I put some Mizani Moisture Stretch in. What I ended up with was a somewhat shaggy fro? It worked for a while, but it was so hot in the venue I eventually just put it up.

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