Product Review: As I Am Coconut Cowash

I purchased the As I Am Coconut Cowash during my “mini” Sally’s haul a few weeks ago. It is the first As I Am product I’ve bought and it is sooo great. I love this stuff. Up until now I’ve been using Cibu spring roll hydrating conditioner to cowash. It did the job well, but every bottle I purchased tore. It comes in a rubber-like bottle and before I can even get halfway through it, the bottle rips in half. It is the strangest thing.

I’d been looking at the As I Am products for a while, so finally decided to try the line with what at $8 is one of the more affordable products in the line. First, the cowash smells great. When you first delve into it you will notice that it is not as thick as most conditioners. Don’t let this deter you. Once you put it in your hair it feels so good. My hair feels so clean. It is a great way to refresh your scalp and remove product. Plus there is something so luxurious about the product itself. I like this and will definitely be adding it to my hair routine. I really don’t have any gripes about it.

You may also use this to pre-wash your hair, but I never pre-wash, so I have not used it in that capacity. I’ve only used it to cowash.

Check out As I Am here.

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