Let It Be: How Not to Overwork Your Hair

If you’re like me there comes a point when you feel like your hair is constantly in motion. You feel like you’re always doing something to it, whether it is washing, twisting, combing, brushing, conditioning, whatever. Your hair gets a lot of action. Like every other part of your body, your hair needs a rest.

First, for all of you protective styling sisters, let it all hang out every now and then. Yes, I understand that you’ve read and been told a million times that you must protect your ends, and that is a true story. But getting set after set of twists is taxing on your precious tresses. This is even more true if you are adding hair. So why not let your natural be free for a week or two?

Now onto washing hair. Some of you are washing your hair too much. There, I said it. As a kid and while wearing relaxers, I hardly ever washed my hair. It was too much of a task and my mom hated doing it. Now that I’m older I know I can just get in the shower and wash it. I try to limit washing to once a week and only do more if product is building up. I’ve found there is really no need, otherwise. My main reason for washing my hair when I was it is to get my curls back.

My favorite way to let my hair rest is by having it pressed. Don’t gasp or write me off just yet. During the summer it is basically impossible for me to wear my hair straight, but as soon as fall comes, I can’t wait to. It is really a lot less work. When my hair is pressed, I never wash it until I want curls again or until I go back to the salon. It just swings and does its own thing. Plus, it is really a lot easier to manipulate. With proper care, my straight hair can last beyond two weeks. I just wrap it at night and flat iron when necessary. I use Frederic Fekkai brilliant glossing cream on my straightened hair.

So see, not overworking your hair is easy. Just try to hold fast to these simple principles:

* Wait AT LEAST two weeks between sets of braids.

* Don’t over wash your hair. If you insist on washing your hair more often, do not use a shampoo, just conditioner or a cowash.

* Leave curls alone if you are doing a wash and go. If you are doing a wash and go, do just that, wash it and go. Try your best not to touch your hair until it is completely dry.

* Use heat sparingly.

* Choose styles that will last.

* Do not ever relax and color your hair on the same day.

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