Don’t Blame Kimmy and Don’t Believe the Hype

I like to think that little in this screwed up world offends me. Then comes Kim Kardashian “channeling” Diana Ross for a photo shoot. However, Kim is not who offends me, the photographer Hype Williams is the offender here.

You know who would have been better to channel Diana Ross for a photo shoot? Tracee Ellis Ross. Diana Ross’s daughter who has beautiful natural hair, is famous for a reason (she’s an actress), and intelligent to boot. But I don’t blame Kimmy, I blame the black men – everyone from OJ Simpson to Reggie Bush to Kanye West – who has made her what she is.

Her dad’s claim to fame is being part of the OJ Simpson trial. Her claim to fame is a sex tape … with Ray J. of all people. After that, her possibilities were limitless. Endorsement deals, reality tv, you name it, she could get it. She was an ambiguously ethnic girl with a beautiful face, a big booty, and a penchant for black men with fat wallets. Slap some black skin on this chick and she would be your everyday video chick or your everyday ho. But she isn’t black. And to some black men, that makes a world of difference. Think about it, she passed the sloppy seconds phase long ago, but her long-time friend Kanye seems more than happy to take those sloppy sixths, sevenths. whatever.

Picture from

So shame on Hype Williams. There are plenty of un- or underemployed black actresses and models who I’m sure would die for a chance to have emulate Dianna Ross’s look during a photo shoot for him. Some even have hair that NATURALLY looks like this. I’m not even going to really get into how ridiculous the makeup is. Believe me, I do believe Kim is naturally gorgeous! So she should get some confidence, stop wearing those HORRIBLE shoes Kanye designed for her, and listen to some Jill Scott. There’s power in those rolling hills, and homegirl definitely isn’t using it to her full advantage.

Kim posted the photos on her blog.



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