Product Review: Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Detangler

The bigger my hair gets, the more I realize it’s time to work a detangler into my routine. Until now, I’ve just used Tui oil to detangle and it works great. However, not too long ago while in Walmart this Dove detangler caught my eye.

After picking it up and putting it down for about a month, I finally purchased it. The label says you can use it on damp hair or use it to add shine to dry hair. I decided to try it on dry hair first because I don’t need detangler when my hair is wet.

In the bottle it just looks like oil, but once you shake it up and mix everything up you see that this skinny bottle is packing. Water is a main ingredient in the product and you can tell. It would probably work better on damp hair. While it did make my hair easier to comb through I can definitely see using too much of it going horribly wrong. If you want to try, go for it. Just remember less is more.

I like the Dove hair therapy line and love the mousse and frizz serum, but this detangler does not rank up there with those other two products. I will continue to use periodically but am still in search of a detangler. I also want to try the Mane ‘n Tail Detangler. I think it would probably work better on my hair.



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