Waging War? Pitting Naturals Against Relaxed

I went natural because my stylist is excellent at doing the press and curl. He is so good in fact that before I knew it I’d went a year without getting a relaxer. When I asked for a touch up he simply said no. Who was I to argue with that? Will I NEVER have a relaxer again? Honestly, I can’t promise that. If I ever want to go short again, I’ll get a relaxer. So, what is this war going on between naturals and the relaxed population all about?

Even though my hair is natural now, I do like wearing it straight and do so in the colder months. It is easier to take care of when it is straight, believe me.

Next, relaxed hair does not automatically equate to unhealthy hair. Yes, relaxers are essentially harsh chemicals going into your hair. If your hair is fragile, relaxers may lead to breakage, dryness, and even hair loss. For me, and many others, this did not occur. Letting go of relaxers does not automatically make hair healthy. If it is unhealthy you have to nurse it back to health. I know plenty of naturals who still experience breakage. If this wasn’t the case, there would not be a need for protective styling.

So this is my call for us to stop all of the hating! If someone’s hair is impressive, whether relaxed or natural, give a compliment. Don’t be so quick to judge. Just as you don’t know everyone’s life story, you also don’t know their hair stories. Instead of labeling their sisters with relaxers or straight weave, naturals should support them and share tips for healthy hair. You can use coconut oil on straight hair just as much as you can on curly. And if you are sporting relaxed tresses, don’t think that all naturals are granola-eating, “woe was me before I let go and went natural,” women looking down on those with relaxers. Black girls – relaxed or natural – rock.

Let’s be about sisterhood.

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