Fall Fashion Preview: Mix and Match Still Reigns Supreme

Fall and winter equate to a whole new level of self-expression through fashion. Why? Because unlike summer, the colder months are about wearing more and you therefore have more with which to work. Out goes the shorts, sandals and sundresses, and in come the coats, jackets, tights, cold-weather accessories, boots, and sweaters.

Many of the trends that were hot for summer are sticking around for fall.

Miu Miu pantsuit on the runway.

Prints are everywhere, from shoes to bags to pantsuits. As with any trend, prints should be tailored to your body. Sometimes petite people shy away from them because they fear prints will drown them out. Plus-sized women shy away from them because they fear prints will make them look even bigger. I love prints though and am glad they are sticking around. While you may not be brave (or rich) enough for a Miu Miu pantsuit believe me, prints are doable.

If you don’t like the idea of head-to toe prints, start with a jacket. Go as bold or as tame as you want. I like this ASOS petite peplum jacket.  If you’re plus-sized and want to add a print to your wardrobe check out Avenue. As a bigger girl myself, while I like floral prints, I usually like geometric ones more.


Lace is another trend that remains, and this isn’t your grandma’s frou frou lace. No, the lace of today is sexy and colorful. One of the best takes on lace that I’m seeing right now is by Alice + Olivia.  However, that dress is $425, so if you’re looking for something less expensive and more wearable, hit up all the major retailers. Banana Republic has a take on lace prices at $140.

Also still in, color blocking. I’m definitely a fan and am glad the trend is continuing.

Other trends you can’t go wrong with are stripes, COLOR, printed flats and pumps, and ladylike handbags (Kate Spade anyone)? If you don’t have money to burn, you’re not alone. For affordable on-trend finds, search the racks at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target. Also check out Avenue and Dress Barn, which are on-trend and more affordable. My advice for outerwear is to never buy it full price. It will always go on sale sooner or later, so no need to spend $300 on a coat that by January could very well be half the price. In fact, don’t pay full price for anything. Also if a trend is too trendy, go to stores like Forever 21. If you’re only going to wear something one season and don’t think the trend will last, don’t invest a lot of time finding it or a lot of money buying it.

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