Banding: I Tried It

So the weather was not as humid today, and knowing the forecast I decided to straighten my hair last night. One thing I did differently was banding. Banding is the practice of taking sections of hair and putting hair bands all the way down the length of the sections to stretch the hair. While I’ve seen plenty of Youtube videos on the practice and read about it I’d never never tried it until last night.

First, let’s just establish that I did this quite differently from some others. I have heard some naturals say that they band the hair while it is wet. I can’t believe this. I do not put hair elastics on my hair while it is wet and honestly do not recommend that others do it either. Also, I did not split my hair into sections. I put it back in one braid.

Second, I blew my hair out before banding to get maximum length. These two steps are different because most who band do it on their curly natural hair to stretch the curl. My method shows it can also be done to aid in pressing the hair.

This is what my hair looked like after I washed, deep conditioned it, and blew it straight using a blowdryer and attachment.

Hair blown dry

As usual, I used Carol’s Daughter Macadamia heat protection serum to blow dry and protect against heat. Then I added a new step. I banded my hair. It definitely stretched it out even further than just blow drying alone would have. The next thing I did, was I switched up what I used to actually flat-iron my hair. I decided to go really old school and used the My Honey Child hair grease I have. It worked amazingly! Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Straightened hair for the first time in months!


Side view



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