Product Review: My Honey Child Caribbean Hair Creme

This hair cream is the thickness. The product is so thick and creamy that it feels like you’re using a much more expensive product, though the Caribbean hair cream is far from cheap ($9.00 for four ounces, $18.00 for eight ounces, and $32.00 for 16 ounces). I’d put it in the mid-price range.

I decided to try this because I was running out of my beloved Lush R&B and wanted to replace it with a cheaper option. At this point, mission may be accomplished. As with most things, this product had its good and bad points, but the ups far exceeded the downs.

Getting back to how thick it is, it is VERY thick and creamy. Because of this, a little goes a long way. Another good aspect of this product is that while it is creamy, it also has holding power, almost like a hair grease or gel, so after wearing curls out for a few days, you could comb your hair back to put in a puff and the sides would be smooth. Or you could just add more, if you originally used it more sparingly than I did, and smooth the sides. I like this because the product is doing double duty. I feel like if I was going out of town for a weekend and washed my hair before leaving, I’d be safe taking this cream and nothing else. Amazing fete!

I used this on my dry hair. It helped refresh curls and they were in tact for days. I hated to comb through them on the fourth day.

The biggest downside I could see people having is the smell. It basically just smells like hair product, which some people will not like. This was disappointing because the My Honey Child hair grease smells like mango and smells so good. Another downside may be the thickness of the program. If you have thin hair this may be too heavy for you. Also, if you are rocking a short cut or TWA, there is probably no need to purchase it.

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