Remove with Caution

There is a right and wrong way to do everything. Yeah, I said it! The removal of braids, twists, and cornrows is no exception to this rule. Here are some useful tips on removing them all, whether you have hair added or not.

Removing twists with no hair added is probably the easiest and least time-consuming. If you have flat twists simply take out any pins ans gently untwist each one.

Cornrows are a little harder to remove. My greatest advice for removing them is to make sure you’re doing a thorough job. Do not skip around your heard, remove them order. Otherwise, if you have smaller ones you risk skipping over some and having to go back to them. Also, when wearing cornrows be sure to use rubber bands that will not pull your hair out. You can get these at any beauty supply store. Believe me, they work.

Then there is braid removal. When in doubt, go have a professional remove your braids. I’d never suggest removing your own microbraids or Senegalese twists. They’re just too small and it would take you forever. Individual braids are easier though. One option for removing individual braids is to wet your whole head of hair and then take the braids out.

When I had box braids this past summer I took them out myself and was most surprised by how much hair came out as I did it. Even more came out when I washed the hair after removing all of the braids. Don’t fear though! All that hair that you’re shedding is three months, or however long your braids were in, worth of hair. That’s right, it’s simply the hair you would have lost within that whole time, so do not freak out.

Don’t pull too much when removing any type of protective style. If you get tired of removing the style, take a break and come back to it. Slow and steady wins the race for braid removal.

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