Does Your Stylist do Double Duty?

Natural hair is everywhere and two weeks ago it showed up in Jezebel in an article title “The Blacker the Hair, the Rarer the Cut.” The author raised the issue of how hard it is to find a stylist that can cut natural black hair. So I’m bringing the discussion on over to Hair Say now. In your natural hair journey, have you found it hard to find a stylist who can cut your hair in its natural state just as well as he or she would if it was relaxed. Think hard. You’re probably drawing a blank, right.

I am blessed to have a stylist that can indeed cut and trim my natural hair. Shout out to Vernon. He was also my stylist when I was relaxed and was the person who encouraged me to stop getting touch-ups. But not every curly girl is so lucky.

In your search for an excellent stylist, my number one piece of advice is probably to accept the fact that you may have to enlist more than one stylist. If you are a fan of protective styles, you may have to look outside of the braid shop for a stylist to cut, color, or press your hair. I currently go to one place for twists and braids, and go to my regular stylist when I need a trim or want a blowout or press and curl. Everyone has different skills, and while your local African braid shop may give you the best micro or individual braids ever, the stylists there may not have the skills to do cut and color.

Or the skill set may be there, but not with your stylist. My advice if this occurs? Go somewhere else. I’ve never known anyone to go to two stylists at the same salon. Can you imagine how awkward that would make everyone involved?

Another option is to trim your own hair. Believe it or not, a lot of naturals go this route. I would be way too scared to ever do it, but if you do it and your hair still looks normal, good for you. If trimming your own hair is something you want to try, scan the various videos on YouTube demonstrating how to trim hair. Also, do not use any old scissors you have lying around. You will have to invest in a good pair of hair scissors or shears. Trying to use regular, more blunt scissors will leave your hair frayed and give you an uneven trim.


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