Curly Rebel: Detangling Dry Hair

I read in numerous places that black women should not detangle their hair when it is dry. Umm, what? My hair is only tangled once it is dry. It is not tangled when it is wet. Right after I wash it, I’ll put it up in a towel. Once I take it down I spray some detangler on, and then just comb through. No knots, no combs breaking. But let it dry. Then it is on.

And oh yes, I take no mercy. I comb through large chunks. I take my hand and with my thumb and middle finger work through stubborn swaths of hair that are tangled. It’s what I do and it is a good thing I have never been tender-headed. I do all of this pulling and yanking and my hair is not broken and ends are not split.

Why? Because all black women do not have the same hair and what applies to most, may not apply to you. Conversely, what applies to you may not apply to others.

To detangle my dry hair, I’ll work Aloe Vera gel or Tui oil through it to loosen any huge kinks in it and usually if I do that it does not take too much for the comb to go through it.

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