PrepHAIRation: Is Your Hair Natural Disaster Ready?

Hurricane Sandy is working the East Coast into a state of hysteria. Odds are, it could also work a number on your hair. Curly hair is temperamental and hurricane conditions take it all out of whack. The rain, moisture in the air, and wind are a recipe for hair disaster. So while you were filling your tank with gas, getting cash from the ATM, and stocking up on chicken noodle soup in a can, did you stop to think of what you’d do if you were without the tools you use on your hair for a week or so?

If you are not using heat styling tools frequently, your peril is a little less. But don’t forget, power outages do not only mean no flat irons or blow dryers. They also mean no diffuser for curly chicas and no hooded dryers.

To prepare for the storm, I washed my hair today just in case I can’t tomorrow. I let it naturally dry, so that the curls will take longer to fall and therefore last longer.

My storm survival kit for the tresses includes hair ties, a comb, a bristle brush to smooth the hair if I want to put it up, pomade, and Tui oil to add moisture. A headband is also good to have around.

My power was knocked out for five days back in July, but I had braids, so there were no worries.

If you’re unprepared and having a hair emergency, don’t worry. Others are too busy fighting for gas and ice to worry about your natural hair in a natural disaster.

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