FALLing: The Top Five Reasons I Love Fall and Winter

Fall is my favorite season and it leads to winter, so let’s just say I enjoy the cold-weather months. Most of my reasoning is for the sake of vanity, but some are no-brainers. The best holidays are in the fall and winter, including my birthday.

I love the cold-weather months because:

  1. The clothes! In hot weather your fashion options are limited. In the fall and winter you have the opportunity to wear boots, tights, coats, scarves, hats, sweaters, gloves, and all kinds of pants. Textures are more prominent and you can play with mixing them, which leads dozens of looks with just a few items of clothing. Get creative this fall and winter. Also, this season the bright colors are not being put away for the cold weather.
  2. Boots. Yes, they deserve their own spot on the list.
  3. No humidity. If you are at all like me, you hate being hot. People who hate being hot, hate the summer. This is especially true in a humid city like DC. Wearing hair straight? Forget about it. But when the weather turns, I like to straighten my hair and have it stay for more than two seconds. I also like being able to walk five feet without sweating profusely.
  4. Everything is prettier. Leaves turning color and falling? Beautiful! Snow falling on trees? Well, not so beautiful when you have to go to work, but as a kid, sure it is. The imagery associated with colder weather is just better. Holiday storefront displays, Christmas dinner, people ice skating with sweet hearts! I love it all.
  5. Christmas music. I love Christmas music, so stay tuned for a list of my favorite holiday albums.

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