Straight Hair, Don’t Care

I like wearing my hair straight. That does not mean I do not like my curly hair, it just means I like wearing it straight as well. After two weeks of straight hair, I have washed it so that it is curly again now. But while it was straight I was often asked how I tamed my curly mane. So glad I got some inquiries.

My method of straightening is pretty much set in stone now. Here is what I do:

  1. Wash hair with Organix acai berry avocado shampoo and deep condition with Organix Moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment.
  2. Blow dry hair straight. Use Carol’s Daughter Macadamia heat protection serum.
  3. Band hair to stretch it further.
  4. Flat iron/press using My Honey Child hair grease.

All together, the entire routine probably takes an hour. I can flat-iron it in about 35 minutes.

My hair straightened. This was a few days after initially straightening.

Once I straighten it, the question is then how to maintain it. This time around I decided to try something new. Enter Mizani Iron Curl. I had to dry this because for a while now I have been looking for a straightening styling product that you use on dry hair. By dry I mean not damp or wet.

You just take some of the Iron Curl, work it through your hair, and then press or run the flat-iron through. Voila! your already-straightened hair stays shiny and straight. The price for the Iron Curl is steep (like with most Mizani products), but well worth it. A little of this goes a long way and therefore, the container will last forever.

The humidity is low because the weather is cooler, so try something new for your straightening routine.


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