A Curly Community: The Benefits of Knowing Other Naturals

Black women are a special group of people. Why? They spend ridiculous amounts of money on their hair, bond over it, morn over it. I can say this because I am one of these black women.

You can put five black women that loathe each other in a room and if the conversation turns to hair they will soften to each other, let down their guards, and share hair stories, hair routines, and any obstacle they have ever faced due to hair or with their hair. Hair is universal to these women. It is king to some. It is crowning glory. It is the ultimate story-teller of one’s life. It is beautiful.

Curly and coily sisters have taken this to a whole other level though. The natural hair community is one of newness and sharing about adventures in hair products, challenges, and comparisons.

At times this is great and other times it is often the root of all evil for naturals.

Let us start at comparisons. Just don’t do it. Do not compare your hair to anyone elses – not even your mother’s. No two women have the same hair, so comparisons are futile. What works for one, will not always work for the other. This applies to routines, products, and style choices.

Building and sustaining relationships with other naturals are great for other aspects of your natural hair journey though. For one, it is great for those in the transitioning phase to have a circle of natural friends. They can give encouragement and tips on those days when you may feel like giving up.

Also, I have heard some of the funniest hair stories from naturals. This includes everything from items found in hair to tales of twists and hair trims gone horribly wrong.

If nothing else, it is unlikely that anyone else wants to hear all of the details of your natural hair journey, so may as well bond with others who care and share some of your hair trials and triumphs.

To find other naturals, visit blogs, attend meet-ups, and be on the lookout for natural hair expos in your area.

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