Natural Hair Gets a Shout Out from Drake

Natural hair made its way into the mainstream many months ago, so it was only a matter of time before Drake paid homage to the phenomenon that is the natural-haired sista in some rap lyrics.

After all, what is more mainstream than Drake?

Who would have thought it would be over Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace” though? Kendrick Lamar’s homage to the Tupac/Janet Jackson flick “Poetic Justice” – and the movie’s homage to the literary device – is probably the perfect place for Drake’s acknowledgement. When it comes on I do proclaim it as my jam. In the world of Meek Mill and Two Chainz, I could do worse than Kendrick Lamar. From the start of the bass-heavy anthem that has women everywhere feeling sexy, you know that you need to listen to the one liners in the song just as much as you need to enjoy Lamar’s West Coast drawl, the likes of which you probably haven’t heard since the mid-90s. Yes, he is that good.

But blink and you’ll miss Drake exclaiming,

“Your natural hair and your soft skin, and your big ass in that sundress
Good God, what you doing that walk for?
When I see that thing move, I just wish we would fight less and we would talk more
And they say communication saves relations, I can tell
But I can never right my wrongs unless I write them down for real”

The song is definitely profane, but so be it! Natural hair, soft skin, big ass, sundress. Check, check, check, check. There are men out there who love natural hair and I’m sure they appreciate the words too.

Listen to the song here.

I went out and actually bought the entire CD. I have not purchased a CD in ages.

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