There’s Power in the Puff

Today I decided to try out a new style. It was really almost too simple. I wanted to bring all of my hair to the front and then just leave a round puff of curls out. So I did it.

To begin, I rolled my hair and slept in rollers. When I woke up I had looser, bigger curls. Just what I wanted.

Without combing or brushing through, I took the hair and formed a high ponytail (as if I was going to make a top knot). Then I twisted the hair as if making a french roll. Instead of rolling the ends into rest of the hair, I left them out and puffed it out. I used As I Am smoothing gel to smooth the edges and sides. For hold, I used Garnier Fructis flexible control anti-humidity hairspray.

And, voila! This was the result.


I must say that I was extremely happy with the way it turned out. I will be trying it again and may have found my go-to updo for the holidays. The only thing I’d do differently was define the curls more next time. If you have a holiday soiree to attend, give it a try.

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