Give Your Hair the Gift of Moisture this Winter

Your hair is crying out for it, moisture. Just as your skin tends to be more dry in the winter, so does hair for a lot of people. Why? With little to no humidity, more wind and weather elements, along with the cold air, the moisture is just sucked out faster. So how do you retain and replace it?

As it gets colder out, I find that it is necessary for me to use a heavier body lotion. The same theory may be applied to some hair care routines. You may need to use a heavier/thicker conditioner. Also, it may help to deep condition more often.

To add moisture use cream moisturizing styling projects instead of gel or products containing alcohol or petroleum. Try My Honey Child  Caribbean Hair Creme, My Honey Child Honey Hair Creme, Lush R&B, or Motions Define My Curls Creme. Creams tend to stay in the hair longer and penetrate deeper.

Also, stay away from services such as coloring your hair or getting blowouts during the winter months. Color almost always makes hair more dry, so forego it for few months this winter. Getting blowouts or applying too much heat styling will also make your hair loose moisture quickly. An alternative to blowouts and the flat-iron is roller setting the hair. This often lasts longs than flat ironing anyway. 

Another option is to wear your hair up in a bun or other protective style. You love protective styles in the summer because they are easy and keep you cool. They are good for totally different reasons in the winter.

First, they allow you to protect your ends from harsh weather. Second, they encourage your hair to hold the moisture in that you apply to it. Ever noticed that when you take your hair down from a updo or twists it looks really good? That is largely because it has maintained a copious amount of moisture and shine thanks to the hair being up and protected.

To retain moisture, it is important to protect your hair from the elements. When heading out grab a hat or be sure to put your hood on. Between snow, wintry mixes, and wind, your hair is susceptible to some pretty harsh elements in the winter, so be proactive protecting it.


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