Straight Out the Salon

Today I got my hair professionally straightened for the first time since February. I got a trim too and it had been just as long. That’s nine months of having African braiders twist and braid it and myself washing and going and periodically pressing it myself. My hair was probably screaming, “Leave me alone lady!” So I’m leaving it alone … for now.

I tried a new salon for the blowout and I’m pretty happy with the results. I also got the stylist, Lucy, to trim the split ends.

I liked her because unlike many stylist, she ONLY trimmed the split ends. When I ask for a trim, I’m not subliminally telling a stylist to give me the haircut they’ve been dying to try out. However, all too often they get scissor happy, so I was glad she really did just trim the split ends off.

Check out the pictures below.

Freshly straightened hair.
Freshly straightened hair.

Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do with the color. Currently, the crown of my head has grown out and my natural hair color, but the rest is what is left of the amazing red color I had done last winter. I know that I do not want the same red again, so I’m contemplating other colors.

new straight hair 2

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