Over It: What to do When You’re Over Your Hair

How many times have you told your sister, mother, and girlfriends that you’re “over” your hair. If you are like me, too many times to count. We all love our natural hair. Some days we are more than happy to wash it, condition it, moisturize it, twist it up or out. But then other days we are absolutely over it.

Being natural is no easy feat, especially during the transitioning period. It can be hard work. I am currently in an “over it” phase. As a result, I’m rocking a straight look.

Here are my favorite go-to looks when I want a rest from the natural routine:

1. Straightened hair/press: I like straight hair on myself. Many naturals shun it after giving up relaxers. I’m not one of those naturals. It is my go-to look when I want a break from washing and wearing and detangling. Straight hair allows me to simply wrap my hair at night and comb it down in the morning.

2. Corn rows: Corn rows last for a long time and are super easy to maintain. I almost like them better than flat twists. When your hair is as soft as mine flat twists may not last as long corn rows.

3. Top knot: A top knot or bun is a great protective style, as I have often said. It is easy and in my opinion, much more fashionable than a regular bun or lower bun or chignon.

What is your go-to style when you need a break?

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