Solange’s Niche

Solange is no Beyonce. And that is not a bad thing. Beyonce is great and I love her. She’s done for pop music what no other black woman has done since Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston, gave it a beat. Plus, she married Jay-Z! Come on son, how can you keep it more real than that?

Solange on the other hand is decidedly less successful in the music arena. But in 2012, she claimed her place as fashion plate and czar of all things natural hair. Solange is the hip single mom who has found her calling as a muse for designers everywhere. In my opinion, she’s just “different” looking enough to be high fashion and do well for editorial spreads. Beyonce is more va va voom. All that aside, Solange has a new album and the first single, “Losing You,” is superb. There, I said it. The tale of a girl wondering if she’s losing her lover for good set against a synthesized, slowed-down dance track. It is the kind of song Rita Ora should be singing and Rihanna would try to sing if given the chance. Solange does the track justice though. The video is also creative, colorful, and interesting, and reflects the younger Knowles’s interest in all things pertaining to black culture outside of the United States.

Check it out here:

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