Holiday Hair: Goddess Braids

I really like Goddess braids. Most naturals I know, do not ever think of them when considering protective styles, but I love them. At the beginning fo 2012, I celebrated my 28th birthday wearing Goddess braids, though they were done on my own hair and so were very short. As I thought of what I should do for Christmas, I considered Goddess braids again and went for it, this time adding hair.

The result of lifting the braid at the crown really is regal and the name – Goddess braid – is befitting. Most stylists charge per braid. Since I wanted mine to hang down, I only got two.

I like the way it turned out. My only gripe though is that it is already beginning to get fuzzy. I got my hair done on Friday and it is now Tuesday! If you read this blog regularly, you know this is nothing new though. Everything except corn rows really fuzz up for me. I am trying to make them last until New Year’s though, so let’s home me and my As I Am smoothing gel can prolong the diminishing of my style.

goddess braids

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