Product Review: Tropical Roots Twist Cream

If you have curly hair like I do, you probably rarely do twist-outs. I’ve never even attempted one. But I will do braid outs every now and then. For the longest, I have been using Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding for braid outs. Now though, I’ve found some new gunk I like better. I purchased Tropical Roots Twist Cream months ago to give someone who was cornrowing my hair an option of what they’d use. She did not use it, so it’s been under my bathroom sink every sense. Recently though, I decided to try it for a braid out.

The results were awesome. It provided all-day hold and definition. It also smells better than the Curly Pudding and leaves less residue and build-up.

I recommend this for anyone who has finer hair and wants to do a twist out or braid out. It is also supposed to be great for locks. With the hold it demonstrates, I can see why it would work well as far as beginning locks or general maintenance for them.

Tropical Roots

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